The Future of DXVetery

I've got some bad news: DXVetery development has stopped. I really had hoped never to have to make this announcement; a part of me had always hoped we would be able to continue and finish the project.

My brother and I are both huge fans of the Deus Ex game. (The original one, and also part number two) So when we started this mod together, we were really looking forward to getting it to the point where we could release it. We had always planned to publish a demo version first, so as to see which problems exist in the wild concerning installation and gameplay. 

I had created half a dozen Deus Ex mods previously, none of them released, partly because they had rough edges and partly because they were simply not meant for the public. Modding a game like Deus Ex is great fun -- I can only recommend to everybody to try it -- and getting your mod published and played by others is by no means paramount. The sad truth is that both me and my brother are too busy with our everyday lives that we simply do not have enough time left to spend on advancing the mod. This is even more so because while my brother did the music, I alone was dealing with all the rest, including QA, and this is simply too much for me to do these days.

Our thanks go to everyone who has played our mod, we hope you enjoyed the demo!

Happy DX'ing!



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    Posted 1 year, 2 months ago.

    Are there any plans to release the Soundtrack? I loved the song after the intro [the sad-ish song when you spawn]

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    Posted 7 months, 14 days ago.

    Good idea! We might do that, yes...

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