The Story

Not so long ago there was a time when Morgan Everett and Bob Page were on speaking terms. They got acquainted, they started to befriend, and after a while, they were like father and son. It was then that Everett would show to Page a system known to members of the highest echelons simply as Daedalus. Intrigued by the very concept of it, Page subsequently suggested several improvements to Everett that he was allowed to implement. What Everett did not know was that Page at this time also designed severalĀ backdoors to be used for Daedalus. The most promising backdoor concept was using hash functions in an unsafe way: Anyone with access to the Deadalus source code would be able to cause massive scale hash collisions, effectively bringing the system to a halt. Attacks of this sort were last seen in the wild in 2011, so no one except a Professor of Recent History or someone with a strong obsession for the old would have noticed anything suspicious. Still, Page never dared to install the backdoor into Daedalus, mainly due to his fear of Stanton Dowd, who always seemed to be a bit suspicious of Page. Page did, however, backdoor Icarus, which is simply a modified Daedalus. When the two AIs merged to become Helios, the backdoor introduced by Page was transferred from Icarus to Daedalus and with it to Helios.

Days after the Deadalus/Icarus merger, Helios is about to merge again: This time with a human calledĀ JC Denton. During that merger, Helios gets attacked. But by whom? Bob Page is safely contained in Area 51, unable to even breathe on his own, let alone attack anyone. But who else would know how to execute the attack? Was Bob Page stupid enough to share information this critical and confidential with someone, undermining his very own power base? Helios contains the attack, which originates from one region. But the mystery needs urgend solving, before the attack spreads, and under no circumstances may more people hear about their God's backdoors.

There's only one person who can be entrusted with the mission: JC Denton himself! JC, who luckily didn't just yet fully complete the merging process with helios. Helios has traced the origin of the attack to New York City. JC mustn't waste any time! The Aquinas Uplinks responsible for New York are located on Liberty Island, where at that very moment a party is taking place, to celebrate the successful deployment of the Helios AI.

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