Download DXVetery

Demo available for beta testing!

DXVetery Part 1 is currently in beta state. Just grab a copy of the DXVetery internet installer, check that the "verified publisher" is Hans-Christian Esperer and have a fresh installation of Deus Ex v1.112f ready if you want to try it! If you're using the steam version of Deus Ex, there are some important nuisances to be aware of.

Important Note: If, during installation, you get a "patch not found" error, this means that your version of Deus Ex in not compatible (yet) with the installer. Please contact with the exact version of Deus Ex you have installed. Thanks!

One of the main reasons we wanted to do DXVetery was the dynamic music. Since our composer Jan insisted to use certain high quality samples, the music files are rather big (~20-40 MB per file). They are indeed the biggest files of DXVetery. Don't be irritated by that fact.

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